you can help us

you can help us

Our Lake Hāwea Community Centre (LHCC) is community funded. It is not owned nor managed by the local Council (QLDC). The committee work hard to raise funds to ensure our community hub operates and provides the needs of our fast-growing community. We welcome Donations, Project or Event Sponsorship and Bequests.  If preferred any giving can be 100% anonymous


The following are ways donations can be made to the Lake Hāwea Community Centre.

As a registered charity, LHCC can issue official Tax Receipts for any donation received. 

project or event sponsorship

Project or Event Sponsorships are a great way for a business or individual's giving to be connected to a specific project or event LHCC have planned or is currently underway.


Leaving a legacy to the Lake Hāwea Community Centre can be an amazing way of supporting the local community and to give back to a place you have lived and enjoyed.

The easiest way of leaving a request in your Will is by doing this with a Codicil (an amendment or addendum to your existing Will) or incorporating appropriate wording in any new Will you are drawing up.

If you wish to consider making a Bequest to the Lake Hāwea Community Centre Incorporated we recommend engaging your lawyer, who will ensure you are correctly advised about incorporating your wishes in your Will.