community centre projects

The Committee are consistently looking at ways to improve the facilities offered to the community. This includes replacing appliances when required to ensure we offer a modern and easy to use environment. We listen carefully to the requests from the community and where possible, provide what is required.

Current 2022 projects include:

  • Upgrade the WiFi network to fiber and enhancing the access points - Complete

  • Storage for the Stage, tables and chairs - In Progress Target completion June 2022

  • Converting our basement for Kahu Youth's Hawea Centre including Heat Pumps - 'The Cave' - Opening May 2022

  • Tennis Court Resurfacing - Confirmed Sept 2022

  • Community Produce Stand - Complete

basement refit

  • The basement is being refit to host Kahu Youth

  • New WiFi access point has been installed

  • Heat Pumps are installed to ensure everyone can keep warm over the winter months

  • Target completion month is June 22

Storage Area

  • The new storage area located on the veranda is almost complete

  • The new addition will store the stage and trestle tables

Fibre & New wifi

  • Fibre has been installed into the Community Centre

  • New WiFi access points have also been installed throughout the Community Centre including the basement

Produce Stand

  • Produce Stand is completed and is being well used by the Community

  • Fruit and vegetables welcome

  • Spring time, anything for the garden

  • Thank you to the Hawea Men's Club

Hot Water urns

  • Commercial quality Hot Water Urns replacing the previous smaller versions

  • Holding larger volume of water and will keep the water hot where as the older ones did not

Quick walls

  • Mobile Quick Walls provide an easy way to block off areas of the hall or to hide items when events are being held

  • Quick Walls are light and easy to move around

Kitchen cooler shelf

  • Professional storage shelving has now been installed in the cooler connected to the Commercial Kitchen

  • Easy to clean, maintain and alter shelf heights

Black out Curtains

  • Curtains to be used for events in the main hall

  • A total of 41 curtains required

  • Thank you to the Dip Trust for contributing to this project

Storage - under steps

  • Creating secure storage under the steps on the east side of the hall.

  • Thanks for Doug Brenssell and Bruce Horrell for providing the resources to enable this to happen

  • The Community Centre now has storage for required to store our annual Christmas display

replacement oven

  • Commercial kitchen oven upgraded

  • Includes electric oven and gas top

  • Easier to use and clean than the previous commercial oven

Event flags

  • Event flags now available

  • Will be flying whenever a public event is on at the Centre

  • Flying on the front fence of the Bowling Club and the Centre's terrace

Working Bee for garden


  • The garden along the east side of the bowling club has been prepared and initial planting has taken place

  • Around 20 volunteers helped with planting prior to lock down

  • Garden maintenance is to be conducted carried out over the coming 12 months

  • A mixture of shrubs and grasses were planted

  • Thanks to Dave Spedding for his assistance with this project

CCTV cameras

  • 4 x CCTV cameras have been installed on the outside of the Centre

  • Video is recorded when the cameras are triggered by any movement

  • The cameras are located around the car park area covering the doors to the Centre

  • The bowling green will also be covered by an additional camera

  • Contributions for this project came from G J Gardner and Mike Greer Homes

cctv cameras installed Lake Hawea Community Centre
Bike Stand  Lake Hawea Community Centre

Bike stand

  • There have been calls for sometime to have a bike rack or bike stand available for people that visit the Centre

  • We are pleased to confirm the bike stand has been purchased by the Committee and installed

  • The bike stand can park 8 bikes

path to basement

  • A concrete path leading from the car park to the basement has been constructed

  • This will aid those who need to move equipment from the basement to the main hall

  • Thanks to Doug Brenssell for organising the Community workers for this project

New Garden Path
Lobby Digital Display

Lobby digital display

  • A digital display is now located in the entrance lobby

  • The display will provide information about the events on at the Centre

  • In addition access to the Centre's WiFi is now easier by simply scanning the QR code displayed on the screen

  • The display can be customised for anyone hiring the hall, e.g. for weddings, funerals etc

Mobile TV display

  • Large TV purchased for use with ZOOM meetings

  • Watching events on TV

  • Playing movies for the kids

  • Presentations for meetings

getting involved

If you wish to be involved in any of the projects the Community Centre Committee initiate please join our "Friends of the Community Centre", send an email to and request your name is added to our Friend group.

RECent Past projects

Spark Tower Objection

LHCC contributed funds to fight Spark's proposed cell tower on the edge of Peter Fraser Park


The Community Centre stage was funded by Central Lakes Trust and Hunter Valley Station - Committee Coordinator Jude Frazer

kitchen helpERs

Friends of LHCC help with catering for a funeral

window clean

Working bee to clean the windows of the Centre


Friends of LHCC provide a digger to help prepare the garden