Street skateboarding

skateboards & scooters

Our Plans

There is no dealt skateboarding and riding scooters are very popular activities with our youth. The Hawea Community Centre is starting the journey to provide Hawea with great facilities right here without the need to travel elsewhere. 

Our plans are wide and include incorporating what the Community Centre has to offer by providing Club House facilities to our local skateboard and scooter riders along with their families. We are working closely with the RAD Team to deliver our long-term plan. Phase one has been agreed and will include providing ramps, bars and jumps so the fun can begin.

If you have ideas or wish to be involved, please send us an email 

project timing

The skateboard ramps are now available. Some final adjustments are being made. The container is storing these until we are ready. 

We are happy to hear from local parents that would like to be involved in starting a local Hawea Club for our skateboarding kids.